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The best single-player shooters on PC. Which FPS to play in 2020?

The best single-player shooters on PC. Which FPS to play in 2020?

The best single-player shooters on PC.  Which FPS to play in 2020?

Always in high demand, forever in our hearts. Here're the best single-player FPS games.

In the era of widespread internet access, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find single-player shooters that attract players not only with crisp graphics and interesting mechanics, but also a good plot. Game developers prefer to bet on multiplayer FPS games which would allow them to earn on microtransactions for several years to come. For this reason, the gaming industry is flooded with Battle Royale games.

However, you won’t find such titles in this top-list, as we’d like to focus on the best FPS games with a single player mode. Even though some of them are not fresh, many of the recent releases don’t even come close to their level. We’ll recommend you top notch PC shooters that have stolen the hearts of millions around the world with:

Dynamic gameplay
Engaging stories
Unique settings
Iconic characters

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The story campaign in Battlefield is usually considered as an addition to the multiplayer mode, therefore most of the players completely ignore it. Luckily, the Swedish studio DICE gave us Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which turned out to be a real gem with its fictitious conflict between the USA and Russia driving the story. Many claim that this is one of the best single-player shooters. The game is extremely dynamic, full of twists and turns and the shooting process itself is pretty plausible. Strangely enough, the gameplay is not the strongest feature of this title. The key to its success turned out to be the amazing atmosphere. Numerous dialogues between soldiers, which feel as if they were taken from a good AAA movie, allow you to get closer to your virtual brothers in arms. Unfortunately, there is no indication that we will receive a triquel, as Electronic Arts openly admitted that they have no idea when the next part of this FPS game is coming out.

Bioshock: Infinite

This time round, the setting of the Bioshock series was moved from the underwater Rapture to the utopian sky city the series got the second wind, which enabled the introduction of completely new storylines. The main character of this single-player shooter is on a mission to escort a young girl from a mysterious sky city in Columbia to New York. The metropolis, considered by many as a promised land, is rapidly changing beyond recognition, and the heroes must fight for survival. The game’s atmosphere is especially noteworthy with its deep and touching story, a well-designed world and the secondary characters habiting it, each with its own unique history. The combat mechanics may not be outstanding, but the skillful use of firearms and the hero's power guarantees a lot of fun.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

In the era of political correctness, only a few computer games manage to shock the player. Titles are designed to sell well, and to achieve this goal it’s best not to offend anyone. Fortunately, the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare slipped away from this censorship. Although the game did not spawn any missions as controversial as “No Russian” from Modern Warfare 2, the overall quality is very high and the missions are memorable. Also the feel of shooting is very satisfying. CoD: MW, like the previous parts, is loaded with scripts, but you won’t be bothered by them in the heat of the battle. Plus, despite the article being about the best single-player shooters, we can’t pass by the free Call of Duty: Warzone, an add-on that allows you to play Battle Royale mode for up to 150 players.

Call of Duty: WWII

Those who are feeling nostalgic for an old-school FPS will certainly be happy to hear about Call of Duty: WWII. The game features the holy grail of classic first-person shooters - first aid kits replenishing the health bar. It's not enough to hide behind an obstacle for 5 seconds, get your HP full again and to come back at your enemies with no stress. Oh no, now you have to think twice about every decision. The Call of Duty: WWII campaign begins with Allies landing in Normandy and slowly leads players through the territories of France, Belgium and the Third Reich. In addition to the fantastic shooting and gameplay mechanics, the game also has some very well-written characters. The mutual relations between the soldiers were presented in such a way that after a few missions you will feel like a member of Band of Brothers.

DOOM Eternal

The FPS games of DOOM series have never been known for their unique story. They are to ensure the players are having as much fun as possible. DOOM Eternal is the best example of that. You take on the role of Doom Slayer, trying to tame the infernal broods that reach Earth and other planets of the Solar System. There’s no place for boredom with such gameplay, as the action takes place at a staggering pace, and opponents come out of all corners in bulk. Various types of firearms and melee weapons are used to exterminate enemies, including chainsaw and flamethrower. Each kill grants the necessary resources to survive.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is one of the most controversial first-person shooters of recent years. There are many references to religion as well as the political situation in the world of 2018. Beautiful, almost idyllic, Hope County is overrun by fanatics who intend to prepare Montana for the approaching end of the world. You will quickly learn that these people are ready to achieve their goals by hook or by crook. The story is really good, although it is somewhat blurred by dozens of side quests. Such is the charm of Ubisoft sandboxes. Fortunately, the satisfaction derived from shooting makes it easy to forget about shortcomings.

Half-Life: Alyx

Valve has accustomed us to the fact that their titles stand out significantly from the others. Games from the Half-Life series are considered the best FPS in history, the Portal ingeniously plays with physics, and Artifact ... ehm, nobody said that you can only stand out in a good way 😉 Half-Life: Alyx appeared suddenly when even the biggest fans of the series doubted that they’ll live to see the new game. The creators of Steam surprised everyone, however instead of the highly anticipated Half-Life 3, they prepared for us a VR game instead. A hell of a good game to say the least! Although Half-Life: Alyx is not particularly unique, it skilfully combines the best of the FPS genre and virtual reality. No wonder that Alyx has been recognized as the most interesting first-person shooter of the current generation.

Metro Exodus

"God, what a beautiful world we have destroyed ..." - Dmitry Glukhovsky's words from the Metro 2033 novel strike with double might when the characters of Metro Exodus leave the Moscow underground for the first time. The latest part of the series is something completely different from what everyone was used to. Tight and dark corridors are replaced with vast locations, so Artem and his companions can finally breathe fresh air. Unfortunately, the outside world turns out to be even more dangerous than the tunnels, because it’s inhabited not only by mutated creatures, but also by not always friendly people. Despite all that, killing is the last resort and many missions can be completed peacefully. Metro Exodus is not another typical first-person shooter title that focuses solely on extermination of enemies. Instead, the main emphasis is put on the story and suspenseful narrative.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 appeared at the worst possible moment. The game debuted a week after the release of Battlefield 1 and a week before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Unfortunately, the game did not stand a chance with such high profile competitors. This futuristic first-person shooter was treated as an unnecessary addition to the pile, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Titanfall 2 quickly won the hearts of reviewers not only with a great multiplayer mode, but above all with a beautiful, varied and sadly, a little short single-player campaign. In the game you can find infantry combats, huge mecha duels, great arcade sequences and ... time manipulation. The plot which focuses on human-machine relations adds even more charm to the whole package.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

What would have happened if the Third Reich gained access to technologies far ahead of its era and won World War II? Wolfenstein: The New Order offers players such an alternative view of history. The story begins in 1960, in a psychiatric hospital somewhere in Poland. B.J. Blazkowicz wakes up from more than a dozen years of sleep and once again faces the Nazis. The game skillfully combines exposition of the tragic consequences of war with humorous elements. There is even space for a little love story. The game mechanics is also at a high level with satisfying shooting and interesting level design.

The main role of first-person shooter games is to provide players with entertainment. Many people think there is nothing more fun than playing among friends on the web. But sometimes it is worth putting multiplayer away for a moment and instead appreciate the artistry of people responsible for the story of a single player. In our opinion, the best first person shooters with the single player campaign will surely guarantee you many hours of fun. If only those deals on Call of Duty were slightly better ;( But thanks to you’re able to find not only the lowest price for your most wanted games, but also create the price alerts, meaning we’ll let you know as soon as a better deal appears on the market.

What are your favorite single player shooters? What are you looking for in FPS games? Are you interested in a quiet, tactical game or do you prefer dynamic firefight?

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