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10 best hack and slash PC games to play in 2020

10 best hack and slash PC games to play in 2020

10 best hack and slash PC games to play in 2020

Addictive, easy to learn, hard to master. Hack and slash is a game genre to be reckoned with and... here's our top pick.


The term "hack'n'slash" is frequently associated by casual gamers with a legendary video games based in the world of Sanctuary. No wonder, as Diablo is the game that shaped hack'n'slash genre as well as became a pop-culture phenomenon.


However, it's worth broadening your horizon on other representatives of this fine genre as the current market has so much more to offer. It’s true that the hack and slash genre is in small crisis due to the new titles sticking with the same old mechanics, but there's still plenty of hidden gems that don't look like another clone of Blizzard North’s (currently Blizzard Entertainment) masterpiece. In order to make the wait for Diablo IV and Path of Exile 2.0 easier, we've prepared the list of 10 best hack and slash games we recommend you try in 2020.


Darksiders Warmastered Edition and Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition


Thanks to attracting comics-like graphics, an effective, dynamic combat system and an interesting world, Darksiders I and Darksiders II stole the hearts of its fans from day 1. In this game series the Riders of the Apocalypse are put into the hands of players trying to restore the balance between good and evil. And, like any other representative of hack and slash, it's full of muddle and destruction. 😉 Nonetheless, the plot still plays a major role and provides a great background for action packed gameplay.

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Darksiders Genesis


After unsuccessful Darksiders III, many players were eagerly awaiting the information about the next part of the series. To fan's surprise, the Airship Syndicate studio decided to combine classic RPG and hack'n'slash genres in a spin-off called Darksiders Genesis. The game abandoned the typical for its predecessor TPP view in favor of an isometric projection.

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Devil May Cry 5


Devil May Cry 5 is a perfect example of fanservice. The devs literally gathered all the best qualities from the previous games and created a new, exciting chapter of the story of Dante, Nero and... The latest Devil May Cry turned out to be exactly what it should be - fast, dynamic, yet straightforward - easy to learn, hard to master. All praisings of the latest Capcom slasher’s design is the result of the graphic engine which was previously used in Resident Evil remakes. As for the soundtrack… one either loves or hates Devil Trigger.

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Diablo series


You knew that the ranking of best hack and slash games would be incomplete without the good old Diablo. 😉 At first Diablo initially was supposed to have more turn-based gameplay. However, the bosses of Blizzard were not happy with this direction and demanded more dynamic gameplay which would require the players to use reflexes. This fateful decision redefined the hack and slash games on PC, making fast and obsessive mouse clicking an inseparable part of the genre. The sequel to Diablo along with Lord of Destruction add-on simply broke the bank and turned out to be a real hit as thousands of players return to the title to this day. The success of the first two parts was not entirely repeated by Diablo III, which, despite being solid, disappointed a large part of the fanbase. Despite many disadvantages, such as the Nephalem Rifts and the mechanics of the seasons, D3 is still an extremely solid hack'n'slash game.

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Grim Dawn


For some time after the success of Titan Quest, Crate Entertainment couldn't produce a game that would be proudly called a worthy successor to the iconic hack'n'slash. In 2016, after ups and downs and nearly six years of development, the 2-in-1 slashers and action RPG Grim Dawn finally got into our hands. As it was decided to move away from a typical procedural-generated world, the locations have exceptional level design and quite unique character. The world in which the actions take place is also intriguing. Steampunk combined with magic and firearms is far from a common setting.

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Path of Exile


The only free hack and slash game in our list is also one of the best representatives of the genre available on the market. Path of Exile from the Grind Gear Games studio is an outstanding title in so many aspects. Every three months, the developers release a new league that turns the game world upside down. Each time completely new possibilities and mechanics are brought to the table, some of which remain with players permanently. For seven years the game has been growing to such an extent that the newcomers need to devote several weeks to achieve a good understanding of all the new rules in the game.

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Anthology


The adventures of the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing turned out to be so interesting that the franchise evolved into a trilogy. Despite the titles being a few years old, they still remain one of the most interesting h'n's games on the market. They are not perfect when it comes to gameplay, but the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing productions have many other advantages that can glue you to the monitor for countless hours, with numerous references to pop culture and great humor being particularly noteworthy. Moreover, apart from being great hack and slash game series, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Anthology also includes Deathtrap - an extremely pleasant Tower Defense, the action of which is also set in the universe of Van Helsing.

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Titan Quest


Before getting started, bear in mind that the game is not the youngest and some of the mechanics are archaic. The remastered version of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, released in 2016, introduced only some minor graphical improvements and changes to balance, leaving the gameplay virtually unchanged. However, Titan Quest is still worth trying today out due to the unique atmosphere that you will not find in many other works in the genre. The game takes place in a world full of myths, where people abandoned by the gods must face unequal battle with numerous monsters and titans.

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Torchlight II


If you are primarily interested in fun without any regard for the plot, then Torchlight II is the game for you. Reviewers don’t lie by saying it's better not to pay too much attention to the storyline and focus only on the gameplay when approaching this title from Runic Games. The fight system offers players numerous unique techniques and skills. While exploring the locations, you can find many Easter Eggs which refer to iconic games and movies. Another noteworthy feature of Torchlight II is the animal that accompanies the character, which will often prove to be extremely useful. It can not only collect gold and store items, but also can bite the enemy. 😉

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem


Four years ago, a new isometric open world MMO appeared on Steam called Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. However, the game underwent quite a few changes over time and became more and more similar to the classic hack'n'slash. The official premiere took place a few months ago and, unfortunately, it did not go smoothly. The game servers went down due to overload of players, and the game itself had a lot of bugs, smaller and larger. Luckily, many things have changed for the better ever since. Nowadays, many players consider this title to be one of the most promising hack and slash of the recent years.🙂

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We know that Path of Exile 2.0 release date is delayed. Knowing Blizzard, we better not expect Diablo IV any time soon either. Maybe it’s for the best, judging by the gameplay sneak-peaks. 😉 It is better to wait a little longer than to be seriously disappointed. So wipe out your tears and reach for any of the games in the article (or Diablo Immortal, which should hit our phones later this year 😂). And thanks to the price comparison feature, playing hack and slash games will certainly not be a burden on your budget.

Do you like hack'n'slash games? Which of the mentioned titles stole your heart and glued you to the monitor for long hours? Or maybe you do not agree with our proposed 10 best hack and slash games? The comments section is yours!

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