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Top 10 Survival Games on PC to play in 2020

Top 10 Survival Games on PC to play in 2020

Top 10 Survival Games on PC to play in 2020

We guarantee that these survival games will consume you for dozens if not hundreds of hours.

Survival games… Some gamers love them, some hate. It’s easy to understand why the opinions are so divided (although nothing beats the discussion between fans and haters of Battle Royale games 😄). An open world, complex mechanics, a constant sense of danger, not to mention the very probable scenario of wasting hours of gameplay on one teeny-tiny stupid decision. Not everyone is ready for such a demanding experience. Nevertheless, you should try everything in this life, so... 

We’ve prepared the top 10 best survival games available on the PC that will consume you for dozens if not hundreds of hours. The titles presented in the article are suitable for both beginners of "survival" and those who already mastered creating campfires with two sticks. Enjoy!

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved had to go a long way before the developers understood what optimization was 😉 Despite the major problems and numerous bugs associated with them, the title gained considerable popularity, thanks to a well-designed world filled with dinosaurs. At first, your main objective is to survive the extreme conditions, however, you will quickly move on to more advanced tasks and varied gameplay experience. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of breeding and training the creatures, as well as the option of starting your own tribe. As if this wasn't enough, the game supports Steam Workshop, and thus - MODS!


This horror survival is the debut release of the Polish studio Acid Wizard. The gameplay is divided into two parts: day and night. Day is a perfect time to go to the forest, although still partially covered in darkness, thus do take a light source on a journey to guarantee safety. At night, while the forest is fully taken over by dark forces, the player needs to barricade himself in the house and survive the attack of demonic creatures at all costs. The game has an interesting system of perception of the world as constant stress and tension have a destructive effect on the hero's mental state. This can result in situations when fiction and reality begin to merge.

Don’t Starve Together

When the first game, Don’t Starve, saw the light in 2013, everyone was surprised with how commercially successful it was. Small requirements, a large dose of humor and interesting graphics... what more could you want? Don’t Starve Together gave an answer - "multiplayer". It retains all the advantages of the original, expands to include a multiplayer mode which allows cooperation with other players. The ability to share tasks with another player takes the fun to a whole new level. 

Green Hell

High temperature, sun, amazon jungle. Is this vacation already? Nothing could be more wrong - it's Green Hell! This gem of Creepy Jar studio is called, takes the player to a lush rainforest in South America. The hero has to face not only the hostile fauna and flora, but also his mind, which will often play tricks in stressful situations. The game uses a unique mechanic called "Body Inspection", thanks to which you can (and even have to!) carefully assess the body condition of the protagonist and... pull all those damn "ticks". 


This is an interesting example. Although the visuals don’t look particularly promising, it’s the gameplay that matter, and Rimworld delivers those long-hours playability. As the creators said that this is not a typical survival strategy focused on competition, but generating a history. What distinguishes Rimworld from other titles? All events, such as storms or invasion of strangers are not planned from above, but generated by SI, which analyzes the player's situation on an ongoing basis and selects "events" in such a way as to create the most interesting story.


There are very few games that increase in value over time ... literally. One of the best examples is this multiplayer survival. Cheap Rust is unfortunately a story, but you have to admit that the game is worth the price. A lot of time has passed since the debut of the game, the developers continue to take care of their child by adding new items and organizing events. This Facepunch Studios’ title guarantees a lot of fun, laughter and absurd solutions, which are limited only by the player's imagination.


The game made by the co-creator of Terraria does not draw attention though its pixeled art style. It’s strength however lies in a very refined game mechanics and an enormous universe waiting to be explored. The world is procedurally generated, yet is always full of life, packed with countless planets, creatures and secrets. Almost all mechanics are available immediately, which is why the player is thrown into deep water from the first minutes of the game. Starbound also has an extensive crafting system (must-have for the survival genre), thanks to which we improve equipment, ship and buildings.


Alfred Hitchcock once said: “A good film should start with an earthquake and be followed by rising tension.” 🙂 Games should be similar and Charlie Cleveland knew this very well when creating Subnautica. The story begins when the spaceship, in which the main character travels, explodes. The player wakes up in the middle of the ocean and begins the fight for survival. The gameplay focuses on exploring the underwater world, which is not as friendly as it may seem at first. Interesting and engaging story also adds extra points to the  game.

The Forest

Before anyone wants to throw everything and go to the closest hiking route, you should try playing The Forest. Well, maybe there are no cannibals in your local beautiful mountains, but the wild fauna can cause similar problems ... ok, maybe a little smaller 😉 This game also has a gameplay division for day and night. Build fortifications, hunt and collect supplies during the day, and brace yourself  for intense attacks of mutants during the night. To survive, you need to properly plan the arrangement of the base and traps. If you don't like playing alone, The Forest has a cooperative mode.

The Long Dark

This survival game which came to light with the help of Kickstarter takes you to the snowy wasteland.  There are no zombies, aliens or other supernatural threats. There is only frost and wild animals. The title from Hinterland Studio requires making difficult decisions in this highly uncertain environment. The hero cannot carry too much "junk", and you never know what junk will be useful the next time you leave the camp. One wrong step is enough for the hero to break down the ice, which inevitably ends in a quick death. And don’t forget the wolves ... aggressive, ravenous wolves. : /

All the games listed above offer gameplay that will stick you to the monitor through repetitive but also satisfying gameplay, which translates into high ratings in industry media and positive reviews among the gaming community. However, we have to admit that due to the specifics of game mechanics, you have to really like the genre. Otherwise you end up throwing the computer out of the window after the base you’ve been building for a month gets destroyed within a few minutes...  (╥_╥)

What do you think about survival games? What are your favorite titles? Do you remember any funny / sad stories that you experienced (or did not 😄) during the game? Share your adventures with us!

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