Upcoming PC games in 2022 - 15 most anticipated PC game releases

By mkmike
Upcoming PC games in 2022 - 15 most anticipated PC game releases

This year can be even better than 2021! What are going to be most wanted games in 2022?

It’s time to be on the lookout for the most anticipated 2022 games. The upcoming 12 months looks really good in this respect, as you can already see the wide variety of the genres among the upcoming titles. Everyone will be able to find something for themselves. As always, there will be no shortage of action games, with a strong representation also being visible in the RTS category.

The indie scene is also looking more intriguing. If no reshuffles and delays take place, the PC game 2022 releases will take a lot of our free time. With that in mind, we’re starting this year optimistically. 🙂 Will any of these be better from Resident Evil Village, Psychonauts 2 or It Takes Two? We’ll see about that. Today we want to take this opportunity and share with you some of the most awaited 2022 game releases.

Baldur’s Gate III (still in Early Access)

This one is not going to be as big of a surprise as some of the other titles on this list as it’s been in Early Access for a while. To be precise, since October 2019. Prepare yourself for the turn-based combat, Bioware-like dialogues and a quality D&D RPG that we’ve all been waiting for quite some time.

Well, the thing with Early Access is that, if done properly, can results in such delights as Hades. Let’s just hope that this will also be the case with the newest Baldur’s Gate.

Dying Light 2 (February 4)

With so many delays, there shouldn't be any more, right? The game’s release is scheduled for February 4 for now, so let’s hope that it will indeed be one of PC games coming soon. Twenty years after the events of the first game, zombies are still going to give you a hard time. By combining parkour with a nice range of guns and other (often unconventional) weapons, you can show them who’s the boss once again. 

Elden Ring (February 25)

What will come out of the collaboration between the fathers of the soulslike genre and Georg R. R. Martin, the author of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series (on the basis of which "Game of Thrones" was filmed)? Elden Ring, one of the most anticipated games 2022. This time, From Software decided to modify the entire concept of creating the world. Contrary to the previous games of the studio, players will have access to a fully open location. Love truly difficult and teeth-grinding games? It’s time to rub your hands in excitement.

Elex II (March 1)

If you’re familiar with other Piranha Bytes games already (or simply with the first Elex), you might be looking forward to this one. The studio may not have developed the smoothest gameplay out there, although the plot is always top-notch, along with vast and lively worlds they’re able to create.

Will the sequel to the newest Piranha’s franchise turn out any good? As it’s one of games coming soon to PC (the first of March 2022), we’ll find out in a few months.

Ghostwire: Tokyo (Release date unknown)

We’ll have a lot of familiar series to check out, although some of the PC games coming out in 2022 are new projects. This title is one of them, and its premise sounds too good not to be excited about.

Almost all of Tokyo’s inhabitants suddenly vanish. It appears to be connected to the presence of ghostly characters straight from traditional Japanese folklore that now walk around the city. Thankfully, our protagonist has some abilities up his sleeve to defend himself and, most importantly, solve this slightly inconvenient situation.

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Gotham Knights (Release date unknown)

The state of affairs in Gotham is far from a laughing matter. With Batman not being around anymore, other superheroes must take responsibility for what’s going on in the city. The gameplay will be similar to the one we all remember from, say, Batman: Arkham Knight, so you may expect a lot of fighting, some platforming and a nice story in a rather not nice city that Gotham is.
Of all games coming to PC in 2022, this one risks the most plot-wise. Maybe “killing” Batman wasn’t a bad idea? Time will tell.

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Hollow Knight: Silksong (Release date unknown)

The original Hollow Knight was an indie title that was made by just 3 people. Guess what, it turned out to be one of the best Metroidvanias out there. We don’t know much about the installment, aside from the fact that we’ll be controlling Hornet this time round, who was an important character in the first game.

The indie scene needs a good representant as one of PC game releases 2022 and if the sequel matches the quality of the first game, there’s nothing to worry about.

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Redfall (Summer 2022)

Arkane Studios seems to be following an exciting path right now, as was already proven with DEATHLOOP’s success. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to release another FPS, is it? The title of this game says it all: the city of Redfall needs help as it’s being attacked by vampires. There are some people who can stop them, equipped with unique abilities that will help them (and others!) survive.

Vampires aren’t a novelty in mass culture, yet this theme isn’t explored so much in the world of gaming anymore, aside from such series as Castlevania. None of new PC games 2022 give this much hope for re-discovering an interesting setting and, knowing Arkane, they will do it in an impeccable manner.

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Saints Row (August 23)

This series has always been a bit weird, but very entertaining alternative for games such as GTA V. This time, the overall plot is not going to be as crazy as in previous entries, although we bet there’s going to be some happy insanity here. This will probably make the game a bit more similar to what we’ve seen in some of Yakuza titles. Will Santo Ileso grant us a fun time? Most certainly.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chernobyl (April 28)

We haven’t been in Chernobyl for a long time… and we’re going to enter it once again, after all this years! The Zone is still dangerous and hasn’t revealed all of its secrets yet. We’ll see how well this place was preserved somewhere in 2022. Oh, and don’t forget that it’s going to be available on Game Pass from Day One!

In case you could use purchasing a subscription already AND you haven't subscribed to it before, here are the best current offers for Game Pass:

Shadow Warrior 3 (Release date unknown)

This series has always been about some brutal, fast mayhem that you may know from other similar games like Bulletstorm. The plot is as crazy as the gameplay: Lo Wang has somehow freed an ancient dragon and has to clean up his mess. And how will he do that, you ask? By massacring thousands of enemies with his katana and guns, obviously.

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Six Days in Fallujah (Release date unknown)

You thought that waiting for a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was quite a hassle? Then, picture this: a game that was supposed to come out in 2009 suddenly returns after nearly 13 years! Six Days in Fallujah is a tactical FPS that will put you in the middle of a real-world conflict from 2004 and will feature randomly-generated maps that won’t allow you to feel too safe. As with the real war, you need to be ready for anything.

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Starfield (November 11)

Can we trust this one to turn out as a nice mix of Fallout (preferably, Fallout: New Vegas) and Skyrim, but set in space? When it’s Bethesda we’re talking about, it’s definitely possible. With a bunch of smaller or bigger bugs, maybe, yet a new space opera next to Mass Effect series wouldn’t hurt. And we can say for sure that it’s not going to be any worse, considering the stories that Bethesda has told so far.

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Total War: Warhammer III (February 17)

How will this epic trilogy end? So far, Creative Assembly is doing a great job blending two of, let’s just say, quite different game franchises. Kislev and Cathay nations will join the battle so that they’re going to be even more spectacular! Similarly to S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chernobyl, we will be able to play Creative Assembly’s game on Day One thanks to Game Pass.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (Early 2022)

We’ll wrap up the list of new PC games 2022 with a title that you may choose over the previous entry: we know not everyone likes their strategies, so an FPS set in the world of Warhammer may sound a little more welcoming. Gather three of your friends (or play with bots) and save Tertium from a grim fate prepared for it by the Admonition cult. Sounds fun to us.

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These were the upcoming PC games 2022 that we’re the most excited about. On the other hand, we’re aware that there are some others that we haven’t included: 15 is already quite a lot.

Do you think that something else should be added to the list of potentially great PC games to come in 2022? You know what to do. We’d love to know why you’ve found these and other titles worth waiting for. So, get your keyboards ready and welcome to the Year 2022!


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