Upcoming PC games in March 2022 – 10 most anticipated releases

By mkmike
Upcoming PC games in March 2022 – 10 most anticipated releases

February had a fair amount of great titles, but now it’s time to check most wanted PC games in March 2022.

We can’t say that the beginning of March brought us exclusively good news. Although, judging the situation by new PC releases, March isn't gonna be any worse than in the previous months of 2022. Some of big hits are already with us: we can check out how different (and better?) Shadow Warrior 3 is in comparison with the previous instalments and Elex II learnt a lesson or two from the issues that the first game had. Both titles seem to be doing quite alright, so there’s hope that all of the upcoming PC games March 2022 won’t disappoint either. Let’s jump right into the line-up of March games.

Aztech Forgotten Gods - March 10

Aesthetics in this one resembles Fortnite and, say, the Borderlands series. What about the gameplay? It’s a single-player TPP action game with an interesting mix of futuristic setting that clashes with Aztec (hence the name) culture. As a young woman named Achtli, you’ll be engaging in exciting boss battles, doing wall-runs like a certain prince and skydiving as if you were playing AER. Action platformers are still capable of entertaining, so this is one of our most anticipated PC game releases March 2022 solely because we’re craving a bit of this platforming goodness.

Distant Worlds 2 - March 10

Ok, this is a peculiar proposition. Naturally, we mean it in a positive sense. This game is the essence of “explore, expand, exploit, exterminate” (4X for short) RTS titles. You will find a world, grow your empire, take care of your economy and begin another galactic adventure. There are times when there’s no need to think too much: real-time space battles, sandbox structure of the gameplay and freedom in building your own cosmic power, with your own rules. This much is more than enough for a great RTS.

TUNIC - March 16

Doesn’t this game remind you of old, isometric Zelda games? It’s like we travelled back to the times when gaming was so much simpler: here’s your character and there’s an entire world to explore. You won’t have an excessive, RPG-like set of abilities or a complex story here: just focus on exploring, fighting (the combat isn’t overly difficult, yet it’s more than satisfying) and, most importantly, having fun. Are you ready to set off?

The Settlers - March 17

From all of the new Steam releases March 2022, we’re rooting the most for this epic comeback of one of the greatest strategy series we’ve seen on PC. It’s practically a reboot, and the game will take all of the best things about the franchise’s previous instalments and expand upon them, so that starting your own civilisation (settlement?) from scratch is going to be nothing but pleasure.


Do you remember the ancient times of when the first Final Fantasy came out? No? It’s not this much of a problem, although you’ll get to understand a bit more about the plot of this spin-off, provided you’re familiar with the beginnings of the franchise. Even though this game is bound with the origins of this classic JRPG series, the gameplay will resemble what we’ve seen in, for instance, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

What might also be quite surprising, is that it will also include souls-like mechanics. Nothing better than opponents respawning each time you reach a checkpoint.There’s also the feature that we know from Sekiro. Exhaust your opponent until their stamina is dropped to zero,perform a flashy finisher. Is this mix of tactical combat and the modern take on FF going to be as magical as it sounds? We truly hope so.

Syberia: The World Before - March 18

Syberia is a beloved classic that merged a great story with clever, challenging puzzles and a phenomenal steampunk setting. Oh, have we mentioned the charismatic main character, Kate Walker? A new title in the series will surely make us nostalgic about the fun times we had, tagging along with Kate on her adventure. This time, we will be able to walk in her shoes once again, along with a completely new main heroine, Dana Roze. You can expect a new dose of beautiful sceneries, soothing soundtracks and a completely new journey to embark on. We can’t wait for it!

GhostWire: Tokyo - March 25

If you’ve been following GG.deals for a while, you won’t be surprised that we have high hopes for this title. Other new PC game releases March 2022 have their own, great features and mechanics, yet GhostWire has the most intriguing plot, hands down. Modern Tokyo, the main character being possessed by a spirit of a detective and a mystery revolving around ghosts that somehow appear all around? This is just too promising not to be excited about.

It will be a FPP adventure game with magical, cyberpunk sceneries and traditional Japanese folklore, all in one package. Is this going to be one of the best new PC games March 2022? Even if we don't have any hard proofs of that yer, we haven’t seen such a great premise in a long while.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - March 25

What can we say, it’s Tiny Tina and it’s crazy universe of our beloved looter shooter series once again. Tina tells an exciting story about a fantasy world, in which we’ll have to face a dragon. Obviously, with the use of weapons we’ve seen in the base series.

The game may change the setting quite often: after all, this is a story. Its narrator can feel like changing some things a bit, so don’t get used to the scenery too much. As you can see, this title will be a little bit experimental. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the dragon-slaying story can’t be entertaining. 

Abermore - March 29

This is going to be a crazy ride as well. Of all new PC games March 2022 line-up, Abermore is a quite fascinating mix of elements from different games. Imagine Thief and Dishonored had a child: it would look more or less like this. Your goal is to plan a number of great heists. As you have 18 days to do so, no job will look the same.

You can use any methods, from manipulation to magic in order to achieve your goal. In this sense, this title will give you freedom that can be compared to Hitman. Whatever suits you, as long as the job is done. Will you be able to succeed and attend the Feast of the Lucky Few?

Weird West - March 31

March will end with yet another isometric title. It tells a story of an alternative outcome of what happened to Wild West, which is now a fantasy background for gunfights of people with… monsters. Lone gunslingers will decide whether they want to be good cowboys or not.

In this title, your choices matter. Whichever path you go, the game will follow your decisions and show you their consequences. Will you be a legend in this twisted variation on Wild West, or will you use your power for your own benefit?

That was the overview of upcoming PC games March 2022. There’s a place for a bunch of smaller titles, as well as for some we’ve been waiting for months. There’s even a new Settlers game going on!

We’re sure that you can find something for yourself here, as the variety of genres is quite astounding. As always, we’ll keep track of the best offers for all of these games on GG.deals. Stay tuned!

Lastly, which of these are you interested in the most? Is there a big game that you’ve been waiting for? Or maybe you’d prefer to see if any of the smaller releases suit your tastes? Either way, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comment section!

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