Fanatical - Spring Mystery Bundle 2023

By Furrek
Fanatical - Spring Mystery Bundle 2023
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Here's another chance to try your luck. Maybe you'll get some great games!

Fanatical's Spring Mystery Bundle 2023 features a random selection of games, so you never know what you'll end up with. It could be a highly-rated AAA title or some indie gems. According to the Fanatical page, you can stumble over 200 random games.

Those who're particularly lucky can win one of the Best of 2023 Packs. They are worth $300 each and include six AAA games: Hogwarts Legacy, Hi-Fi RUSH, Atomic Heart, Returnal, Like a Dragon: Ishin, and Resident Evil 4. There are a total of ten such packs to be found!

A single Spring Mystery Bundle code costs $1.00. But if you want to save more, you can buy 20 in a single order, totaling $13.49. Each game will be delivered to you as a Steam Key.

After the purchase, you'll also receive a 5% discount voucher for your next order on Fanatical.

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