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Get Humble Choice Premium for $6 a month for 6 months!

Get Humble Choice Premium for $6 a month for 6 months!

Get Humble Choice Premium for $6 a month for 6 months!
Oops... Unfortunately, this offer is now expired. But, don't worry! There are more exciting news for you to discover! Browse news

What a bargain! Use special coupon to get Premium subscription for $6 a month for 6 months.

Pay only 6 USD a month for the next six months of Humble Choice Premium! To get this special discount, you need to visit Humble Choice Premium Checkout page, log in with your Humble Bundle and apply "$6 USD a month to subscribe to Humble Choice Premium for 6 months" coupon.

This offer applies only to returning users and those who have never subscribed to monthly bundle before. After 6 months, you will be billed $19.99/month. This offer will be void if you cancel or pause your subscription.

The premium subscribers of Humble Choice are able to choose 9 games every month, they have access to the Humble Trove and can get up to 20% off Humble Store purchases.

This month's Humble Choice features Children of Morta, Overcooked! 2, Indivisible and more! In December 2020, Humble Choice Premium subscribers get all games!

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Humble Choice is only $12.00/month for new subscribers!

New customers can get 40% off Humble Choice Premium annual plan! See inside for details.