Humble Store - Build Your Own Paradox DLC Bundle

Humble Store - Build Your Own Paradox DLC Bundle
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The more Paradox DLCs you pick, the more you save, up to 65% off!

The Humble Store launched today a special Build Your Own Bundle, focused solely on all kind of downloadable content for Paradox games, such as Suriving Mars, Age of Wonders Planetfall, Stellaris, and many other. You can build you own pack with Paradox DLCs titles posted in "Related games" section.

Select 3 DLCs to get 55% off the retail price, 4 DLCs for 60% discount, or 5 (and more) DLCs to get 65% discount for each selected expansion, content pack, and any other kind of DLC.

Paradox DLC Build Your Own Bundle at The Humble Store will end 18 June, 2021. Every Paradox DLC in this bundle is delivered as a Steam CD Key.

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