The upcoming changes to Humble Choice in February 2022

By Furrek
The upcoming changes to Humble Choice in February 2022

A single price tier, new PC launcher and more! See inside for details and learn how the popular monthly subscription will change soon.

The Humble team is making a lot of improvements to their monthly bundle. Starting with February 1st, Humble Choice will change, and it will affect both new and current members.

The biggest change is the introduction of one simple plan at a fixed price. No more lite, basic or premium plans. The plan offered to subscribers will allow everyone to get ALL of the games prepared for each month. See the pricing table below to learn how much Humble Choice will cost after makeover:

Subscribers of multi-month plan who already paid more than a new upcoming fixed price, are going to receive appropriate refund. If, by any chance, you are a still a Classic member of Humble Choice, you will be able to continue to stay with the plan at the same price and enjoy all of benefits of a refreshed Humble Choice membership.

New Humble Bundle Launcher - Humble app!

A new upcoming feature in February for the members is an introduction of a new PC launcher. The Humble app will combine the Humble Games Collection, newly created library of PC games, and the Vault, a collection of DRM-free indie titles and other stuff that is already present in Humble Trove.

The Humble Games Collection will launch in February and it will be available at no additional cost for Humble Choice subscribers. With the debut, the following games published by Humble will be available for members:

According to Humble, any additional titles published via the Humble Games Collection within the app won't affect a curated selection for Humble Choice monthly bundle. We will still get keys to redeem on Steam, Epic, GOG, etc.

Humble Store exclusive discounts

The most questionable change is about the membership discount to use in the Humble Store. To start with, new Choice members will receive up to 10% discount applicable on the Humble Store. The longer you stay as an active member, the bigger discount you get. To reach the biggest discount level (20%), you will need to get at least 12 months worth of Humble Choice, consecutively.

Every time you decide to skip a month, or cancel your Humble Choice membership, your discount will go back to 10% that you had from the beginning. But there is also a good news, at least for people who are already subscribed and who are planning to stick with the monthly bundle.

If you subscribe now and remain a member after changes, you will be able to keep your twenty percent discount! In January, Humble Choice features Mafia: Definitive Edition, Iron Harvest and more!

What is your opinion on the new Humble Choice? Will you stay with the improved subscription? Share your thoughts in the comment section under the news 👇

Source: Humble Choice FAQ

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