Deals End: Summer Sale 2022 - Save up to 67% on Blizzard and Activision games

By Furrek Summer Sale 2022 - Save up to 67% on Blizzard and Activision games

Find the best games to buy on the Blizzard sale.

Activision Blizzard's platform has joined the big sales season. Popular titles and DLCs available on their digital storefront are now cheaper, thanks to the running Summer Sale. Bargain hunters can get up to 67% OFF their purchases.

The store has laid out some great deals, which will last until July 4th, 2022. Diablo 2 Resurrected is at one of the highest discounts reaching 40% off the original price. That's just $23.99 for the remastered cult classic. Play the Diablo 2 game with its Lord of Destruction expansion and enjoy new visuals, high-definition sounds, and brand-new cinematics. The only thing that hasn't changed is how much fun you get from slaying the never-ending minions of evil.

Huge discounts also have been rolled out for the Call of Duty series. Every entry from the franchise from the past few years is on sale, including CoD Vanguard or Black Ops Cold War. Fans of the popular shooters will be thrilled to learn that they can save up to 67% on their favorite games.

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