Buy DOOM 3 on Gamesplanet for £1, get DOOM 3: BFG Edition for FREE!

By kasumi
Buy DOOM 3 on Gamesplanet for £1, get DOOM 3: BFG Edition for FREE!
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Thanks to the changes to the Steam Store listings, you can cut yourself a sweet deal.

On August 10, Bethesda introduced some changes to their Steam Store listings in order to simplify and improve the shopping experience. The AAA publisher and the developer id Software managed to gather an extensive portfolio of titles, which can be somewhat tricky to navigate.

As the result, the creators of a legendary DOOM series have consolidated their apps. Here's what it looks like:

What does this mean for you specifically? Those who own DOOM 3 will get DOOM 3: BFG Edition for FREE! Activating any DOOM 3 code gives the entire package:

Players that already own DOOM 3 or DOOM 3: BFG Edition on Steam will be upgraded to the DOOM 3 consolidated package with all three releases for free. In case you don't own any of these titles, we suggest buying DOOM 3 to get the whole collection, which can be yours for only £1.00! 

Remember to avoid purchasing the more expensive DOOM 3: BFG Edition, as the vanilla version guarantees the same content for a much lower price.

Source: Steam

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