Elden Ring preorders are up - where to buy Elden Ring PC cheap?

By mkmike
Elden Ring preorders are up - where to buy Elden Ring PC cheap?

Everything you need to know about Elden Ring before the release - the price, the dates, preorder bonuses and more.

From Software cannot make a bad game. It can be different from the previous works, have different game mechanics or lore and still be a solid title. Now, combine the world created by the studio responsible for Dark Souls in association with George R. R. Martin, who presented the world with Game of Thrones. The result is highly anticipated Elden Ring

When will Elden Ring come out?

Elden Ring release date is still rather distant, as the game will launch on the 22nd February 2022. This didn’t stop From Software from uploading a 15-minute gameplay:

Everything seems to be in place: the animation is fluid, the fights are brutal and satisfactory. You can feel a little bit of Bloodborne influence in fights presented in the gameplay, which, for some, is fantastic news. Add great graphics that let you enjoy the scenery, familiar british-like dubbing and... a horse that can be launched very high in the sky. Frankly, that was a bit weird. Nonetheless, very cool. 

There are some beta tests ahead, happening between 12th and 15th November. The chosen lucky ones will be able to experience a portion of the game and fight in their very first Elden Ring battles.

Elden Ring Deluxe Edition and preorder bonuses

Obviously, we would all like to buy the best edition of any game. Preorder Standard Edition of Elden Ring on Steam, Green Man Gaming or on other official shops to get:

  • A “The Ring” gesture, because what any game from this studio could do without gestures?
  • A Digital guide that has handy information on the world of Elden Ring. 

Deluxe Edition will include the game and an artbook, followed by the official soundtrack (both digital).

Where can I buy Elden Ring?

For now, you can already preorder the game on Steam. If you’re not scared of keyshops, the deals offered there are currently the best. Elden Ring PC price depends on how much extra you’ll need to start the journey. Anyway, the current prices, along with Elden Ring Steam price, are displayed below. Choose wisely!


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