Epic Games Store - Lunar New Year Sale 2022

By Furrek
Epic Games Store - Lunar New Year Sale 2022
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Celebrate the new year with new games, which you can buy with discounts reaching up to 90%.

The Lunar New Year sale has officially started on Epic Games Store! For the next two weeks, you can save big on nearly everything that you can find on Epic Games Store - be it new titles, special editions, or add-ons. This time, we can apply only a one-time use $10 coupon from the Connect and Save 2022 event, so use it wisely!

During this massive Epic Games sale, you can find Kena: Bridge of Spirits at discount. The title has won the Best Indie Game awards at the Game Awards 2021, so if you are looking for an indie game that is worth your time and money, you can't go wrong with this one! In Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you play as a young Spirit Guide. Your quest is to free the majestic world of Kena from the corrupted Spirits and solve the riddle of the fallen abandoned village.

Among the best Epic Games Lunar Sale deals, you can find one for Battlefield 2042. The latest game from the iconic series of first-person shooters offers an all-out warfare on battlegrounds supporting up to 128 players! If you are willing to use your free coupon on this game, the combined discount will let you buy Battlefield 2042 at the best price ever!

In case you want to play a big budget single-player title, Cyberpunk 2077 is on sale too. In this game, you will travel to a modern multicultural metropolis, Night City. Play as an urban mercenary outlaw who's after a prototype chip that is said to grant an immortal life. Take on various jobs to earn enough money to upgrade your body and weapons. Be ready to risk your life, as you are not the only one who will do everything to lay hands on the prototype implant.

Scroll down to find more of our recommendations of games you can buy. The Epic Games Store Lunar Sale 2022 runs until February 10th, 2022.

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