Gamesplanet Weekly Deals (10.01.2022)

By Furrek
Gamesplanet Weekly Deals (10.01.2022)

This week you can save big on selected Capcom games and Anno franchise.

The latest Gamesplanet weekly game deals are now up! The following offers might be interesting to people who wants to play a classic and challenging platformers, engage into strategy economic simulations games, or go on a big monster hunt.

Among the deals you we can find Anno games, including Anno 1404 History Edition and Anno 1800. In these games, you can establish and expand a colony during various periods of the Earth's history. Choose the one you feel the most intrigued by and start the new life as the ruler!

This week's sale also features an iconic Capcom games franchise Mega Man. If you've never had a chance to play it before, now is a good time catch up on this! Find out how the history of the legendary platformer series has started with Mega Man Legacy Collection, as the pack includes six classic games in one, originally released between 1987 and 1993. Or get the latest game in the franchise, Mega Man 11, and see how the classic challenge blends with a fresh new visual style!

But if you are looking for a bigger, and we mean literally a much BIGGER challenge, you can find Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on sale. This massive expansion nearly doubles the content from Monster Hunter: World with new quests, monsters, locales and more! People, who wants to start hunting a gigantic monsters, can find the deal for the Master Edition, which contains both the base game and Iceborne DLC.

These, and more game deals, are available until January 17th, 2022.

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