Gamesplanet Weekly Deals (17.01.2022)

By Furrek
Gamesplanet Weekly Deals (17.01.2022)
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The current sale features some of Ubisoft's titles and Devil May Cry game series.

Get into amazing titles with the newest Gamesplanet deals! People who are craving for never-ending action, a bit of platforming fun or something that will let them sink dozens of hours, can't go wrong with the following offers.

To start with, Devil May Cry franchise is on sale at the moment. The popular slasher series will satisfy anyone looking for lots of action, as these games feature tons of demons and bosses to destroy, interesting choice of weaponry, as well as a fun combo system. No matter if you are a newbie picking up Devil May Cry HD Collection to experience some of Capcom's best games, or a returning player wanting to play the ultimate version of the smash-hit Devil May Cry 4, you can find game deals for both during the sale!

If you want a less bloody challenge, you can find good deals for selected Rayman games. These are fit even for a younger audience. With Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends , you can witness a return of legendary characters, appreciate a 2D platforming gameplay and have a great time playing in co-op with family or friends.

Looking for something to play on long nights? Games from the popular King's Bounty franchise are on sale too. This series blends role-playing and turn-based combat perfectly . Become a hero of a rich fantasy world in King's Bounty The Legend, or join the forces of the darkness in King's Bounty Dark Side. The game features a very similar battle system as the one in the popular Heroes of Might and Magic series!

The sale is not limited only to these titles, there is much more for you to discover. These deals are available until January 24th, 2022.

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