GOG.com - Electronic Arts Weekend Sale

By Furrek
GOG.com - Electronic Arts Weekend Sale
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Classic titles from EA are currently on sale, up to 75% off.

GOG is running a sale with games published by Electronic Arts. Only this weekend, you can buy various cult management titles and or role-playing games which were quite popular back in the day!

The classic and one of the most popular titles from the Theme series, Theme Hospital, is currently 75% cheaper on GOG. In this game, you can design and build your own hospital, find treatments for very odd diseases and turn cures into cash!

In case you don't feel like saving sick patients, how about build the most evil underground lair? That's what you can do in a game filled with a lot of dark humor, Dungeon Keeper 2. Expand your malicious empire and fill it with monsters, traps, and other stuff that will help you conquer the realms above.

There is also something special for people wanting a rich fantasy experience. The role-playing saga Ultima is on sale, too! Find out how the acclaimed series has started with Ultima 1+2+3, or embark on the last epic quest in Ultima 9: Ascension.

Some titles that can already be called "retro" are also at discount! Electronic Arts games sale on GOG will end on January 17th, 2022.

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