GOG.com - Games With Permadeath Midweek Sale

By Furrek
GOG.com - Games With Permadeath Midweek Sale
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Get fantastic and hardcore games up to 85% cheaper.

Be careful, games featured on this sale are meant only for hardcore players who can cope with a tragedy of losing a game character and all of the progress made when playing the game! The sale features:

  • NEO Scavenger, a post-apocalyptic game where you try to survive in the wasteland. In this game, your save will be deleted if you die!
  • EVERSPACE, a space shooter with roguelike elements. The game features a hardcore mode with permadeath for the toughest roguelike fans.
  • Depth of Extinction, a tactical role-playing game where you and your ultimate squad try to save humanity from a horrific fate. Manage your team carefully so you don't lose your characters forever!

Games with permadeath sale on GOG is going on until November 13th, 2021.

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