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By Furrek Midweek Sale - Sweet & Spicy Adult Games
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All kinds of sexual content games are on sale, up to 80% off.

The latest GOG sale focuses on mature games. Some of these titles feature less explicit content than others, but you will have a great time with the following titles as long as you like anime games and different types of visual novels.

Role-playing games from Idea Factory International are included in the sale. You can get one of their darker games, Death end re;Quest, at an 80% discount. You are for a real treat if you enjoy horror and gore stuff with your RPGs, mixed with the occasional suggestive scenes.

Besides that, you can also become a personal cameraman of a girl trying to become a superstar in Sonicomi. The current GOG offer on the game matches the historical lowest in selected regions! And in case you have enough of these games with anime art, there is a tempting deal on the game SUCCUBUS. Become a lustful demonic priestess and take revenge on your species who betrayed you. Below you can see how much these games are at this moment on

Sweet & Spicy Adult games sale on GOG runs until Sunday, May 29th.

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