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By Furrek - Sekai Project Publisher Sale
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You can save up to 75% on games published by Sekai Project.

GOG is currently holding a special sale with anime titles from one of the leading Visual Novel publishers, Sekai Project. You can buy various games from the genre that will keep you engaged for dozens of hours. Some of these mix adventure with other genres, such as action or simulation!

Baldr Sky is one of these games. This title combines visual novel storytelling, 3D action game combat and cyberpunk setting. Play as Kou Kadokura, a freelance mercenary who is trying to avenge the loved ones he lost, as well as regain his lost memories. The title is available during this sale at historical low price!

If you are looking for a romance simulation game, you can get The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me at a low price. This title will take you on an exciting adventure to the dormitory full of cute, but useless demons. Watch over the girls as a new assistant and make use of your romance skills to date five beautiful heroines.

There is also something for people who want to experience more unique story. A Light in the Dark is a game where you get into shoes of Hao-Chen Jiang, a rich boy who has been kidnapped. Prepare a plan to escape that can lead to one of many endings, which are based on choices you will make through the game.

Scroll down to see more of interesting titles at discount. Sekai Project Publisher Sale on GOG will end on January 25th, 2022.

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