GOG.com - Survival Games Weekly Sale

By Furrek
GOG.com - Survival Games Weekly Sale
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Get games where you can brag about your survival skills, up to 90% off.

A new weekly sale has started on GOG. Today, you can browse through a variety of survival-themed games. Are you tough enough for challenges of uncompromising wilderness, catastrophic crises, or worlds overrun with dangerous creatures?

With today's launch of new game deals, Don't Starve is on sale. In this hit indie game developed by Klei Entertainment, you will enter a world filled with dangers and strange life forms. There is no spoon-feeding, it's up to you to discover and learn everything. The title features randomly generated worlds, which means everytime you start a new game, nothing is the same as the last time.

If you are looking for more action-filled survival games, Dying Light: The Enhanced Edition is also among titles on sale. You will be able to show all you learned (so far) about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by zombies. Explore a huge sandbox city that is ruined by a virus, run from the hordes of dangerous creatures, or fight them. The Enhanced Edition features the base game, a huge expansion, The Following, and more!

People who are interested in other kind of survival (that doesn't involve danger from unknown monsters) can buy Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories at discount. You are in the center of a city on the brink of destruction due to a massive earthquake. Be wary of collapsing buildings, fires, or unstable ground during the aftermath of a deadly natural disaster.

These, and more titles, are available with discounts reaching up to 90%. Survival games sale on GOG runs till the next week, January 17th.

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