Deals Weekend Sale - Save up to 90% on challenging games

By Furrek Weekend Sale - Save up to 90% on challenging games
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These games will put your skills to the test.

This weekend, GOG has reduced prices on numerous survival titles and other games that might prove challenging.

If you still don't own a copy of Don't Starve, now is a great time to jump on board. The game is currently on sale, bringing the cost down to only $2.49. There have been plenty of sales since its release in 2013, but that's still a historically lowest price. It's unlikely to get cheaper with so many players still enjoying the title to this day. It's not surprising, as Klei Entertainment's masterpiece is one of the best survival indie games on the market.

Until Monday, you can also buy DYSMANTLE for $10.99, a brutal godlike village simulator Rise to Ruins for $5.99, and a castle sim Stronghold HD for less than two dollars. Below you can see every offer present in the sale. Weekend Sale (12 August 2022)

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