Humble Store - DRM Freedom Sale 2021

By Furrek
Humble Store - DRM Freedom Sale 2021
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Games on this sale are provided via Steam and are DRM-Free!

Not a big fan of DRM? Humble DRM Freedom Sale is just for you! The strongest point of this Humble Store sale is that nearly all of the discounted games are provided as a Steam key AND are downloadable copies without any DRM. The sale highlights:

  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, a collection of 5 games in the epic, 8-bit retro platforming Shovel Knight saga;
  • Starbound, a sandbox game with an epic story campaign, procedurally generated universe and tons of craftable objects;
  • CrossCode, a retro-inspired action RPG.

The discounts on these and many more titles are reaching up to 90%. Want to save more? The subscribers of Humble Choice Premium are able to pay less for games during the sale, up to extra 20% off with active subscription!

DRM Freedom Sale 2021 on Humble Store is running for two whole weeks, until January 4th, 2022.

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