Humble Store Publisher Sale - Devolver games up to 90% off

By Furrek
Humble Store Publisher Sale - Devolver games up to 90% off
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Insanely low prices for Devolver Digital games. Is anyone up for some mind-blowing discounts? 

Humble Store has launched plenty of deals for some of the unique indie games ever released. You can buy Devolver Digital titles up to 90% off this week!

One of the must-buys during this sale is Shadow Warrior 2. The game is available for only $2.99, an absolute steal for a stunning first-person shooter from the acclaimed developer Flying Wild Hog. It's also the first time the title is this cheap in the official stores.

You may also want to check out the deal for Death's Door, one of the best critically acclaimed indie titles of last year. It can be yours for $9.99, the second-best historical low price! In Death's Door, you will become a soul reaper. After a specific incident involving stealing a soul, you are about to embark on a mission to retrieve it.

Here you can browse through the complete list of offers. You can sort it any way you find comfortable scrolling through, be it by the lowest price or the highest discount. If you are searching for a particular type of game, apply various filters to narrow down your search and display only the most interesting titles for you.

Humble Store Devolver games sale

If you aren't satisfied with these prices and wish you could save a little bit more, consider joining Humble Choice. The subscribers can gain a whole range of benefits, including an additional, up to 20% discount store-wide. Imagine the possible extra savings with it! 😍

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