Humble Store sale - Save up to 90% on tinyBuild games

By Furrek
Humble Store sale - Save up to 90% on tinyBuild games
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The sale includes some standout offers.

The brand-new Humble Store sale is dedicated to various tinyBuild games that will look great in your Steam library. You have time until July 25th to get the titles at a steep discount.

Highlights include Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator at 30% off, Startup Panic at 75% off (new historical low!), and Undungeon with a massive 90% discount. The last one is an especially tempting offer! This game brings back the old-school action/RPG spirit, wraps it in modern graphics, and introduces a few mechanics that haven't been seen in any other title, especially at such a low price.

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Humble Store - tinyBuild Publisher Sale

Wish you could save more on tinyBuild games? As a subscriber of Humble Choice, you can get an additional up to 20% discount on these!

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