Prepare for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt next-gen upgrade. Get the game 80% off

By Nyxx
Prepare for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt next-gen upgrade. Get the game 80% off

Buy the game at a discount and enjoy the free update on Dec 14th!

As you are probably aware, the third installment of Geralt of Rivia's adventures will soon be more stunning than ever. A week ago, it was announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next-gen upgrade would be launched on December 14, 2022. As the clock is ticking and we are already at the end of November, you might consider getting the game before its release.

Details about the free Witcher 3 next-gen update 

Before we move on to the deals, we'd like to mention some features introduced in the update revealed in today's CD Projekt RED stream. Besides enhanced visuals with 4K textures and ray-tracing support, we can expect some new Netflix-based content, cross-platform progression, a new camera angle, and bug fixes. There will also be a photo mode that will come in handy, considering how breathtaking the graphics have become. Some quality-of-life improvements include a more dynamic mini-map or a new filter setting that allows you to clean the map of question marks.

Below, you can find a new official trailer for the upgrade.

Where to buy The Witcher 3 cheap?

There are currently plenty of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt deals. Whether you prefer Steam or GOG, many digital stores offer significant discounts on the basic edition of the game as well as the GOTY one. We believe it's best to take advantage of the offers while they last, as their prices might increase after the 14th of December.

We bet you don't want to be overcharged, so we highly recommend looking at our price comparison to buy The Witcher 3 cheap.

Are you excited about The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt next-gen upgrade? Will you replay the game after the update's release? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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