Rainbow Six Extraction PC is out now! What are the best R6 Extraction deals?

By mkmike
Rainbow Six Extraction PC is out now! What are the best R6 Extraction deals?

Find out where you can buy Rainbow Six Extraction cheap!

The game is up for grabs, whether you decide to get a copy via an online shop or play it on Game Pass. We’ll be looking at Rainbow Six Extraction deals in a minute, right after reminding you what the game is about and taking a glance at how good (or bad) the initial reception was.

Shortly after the release, we can already see that the title has been welcomed rather warmly, with a 72% Metascore. Both players and critics say that there are some things that could be done better. For instance, the repetitive nature of missions and overall lack of cohesion to the story. On the other hand, there are many good things about the latest R6, too.

The title takes an interesting turn for the franchise, which usually features realistic, tactical FPS gameplay, up until now. Extraction still requires you to take a tactical approach in order to win. The implementation of an Alien race that invades Earth, Archæans, is kind of an unexpected move, to say at least.

The game is praised for a very interesting concept of fighting supernatural enemies. You may encounter the situation where you have to go back to a mission and fight once again, so you can get one of your Operators back. This introduces a bit of pressure similar to what you may feel while playing soulslikes: being careful really pays off here. Before we reveal R6 Extraction PC price range, let’s take a peek at a trailer:

Best deals for Rainbow Six: Extraction PC

And we've finally approached the most important part, which is finding out the best prices you can get the game for. Rainbow Six Extraction cheap offers are as follows:

If you’d like to buy the game, this is how things look at the moment. As you can see, it’s a little bit cheaper in keyshops, provided you don’t mind buying from anywhere else than official shops. Remember that there are two Editions of the game:

• Standard Edition with the Buddy Pass that allows for 14 days of free and cross-platform co-op with 2 of your friends
• Deluxe Edition with all of the above goodies, as well as a couple of exclusive in-game Packs and items,
plus a few more free items for both Editions.

It’s very likely that a R6 Extraction sale will happen sooner or later, although the current prices aren’t too high. But who can get it even cheaper right now? Those who have PC Game Pass subscription, which we will be discussing right now.

How to play Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass PC?

Are you already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass? Good, because you can just download the game as it is and join the epic battle of humanity against an Alien enemy. If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry! Become one with a nice discount for new members, which applies to to "regular" Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate: both for only $1.00 / 1,00€ / £1.00 / 4,00 zł.

If you still prefer to own the game, use the widget in the previous section to find the price that you're most satisfied with. 

Once you have a Game Pass account, you’ll need to link it to Ubisoft Connect. You can do it here. After you’re logged with your Microsoft account, you’ll need to grant Ubisoft Connect access to your GP data.

Then, you have to click the button to confirm linking your accounts (this requires creating a Ubisoft account if you didn’t have it already) and there you have it, you’re ready to go! You’ll find your added copy of Rainbow Six Extraction in your Ubisoft Connect library, NOT on Game Pass itself.

For any future R6 Extraction PC discount (that will definitely happen), you can create a price alert: either by clicking the bell button on the top of the title’s page on GG.deals or the same button on the title’s widget in the article.

So, how’s your experience with Extraction so far? Do you find it a step-up for the series or it’s a bit of a let-down? Tips for new players are also welcomed, so feel free to leave a comment down below anyway :D

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