Skyrim Anniversary Edition upgrade deal for owners of Skyrim Special Edition

By mkmike
Skyrim Anniversary Edition upgrade deal for owners of Skyrim Special Edition

10 years have passed, what will change with the release of Skyrim Anniversary Edition?

As scary as it sounds, Skyrim is already 10 years with us. Some may jokingly say that it is still yet to be released on some devices, although there is possibly not many people out there who weren’t overwhelmed with the scale that the game offered (and still does!). One of the modern game classics is now getting a very special, Anniversary Edition. When will it come out and what will it feature?

Skyrim Anniversary Edition release date and benefits for Special Edition owners

Skyrim Anniversary Edition release date is real close. We will visit the world of Skyrim once again on the 11th of November 2021. Firstly, the edition will feature four new creations, which are additions that are officially released by Bethesda, although produced with the help of other, third-party folks. Think of creations as of mods of sorts. Skyrim Anniversary upgrade comes with the following new content for the players who own Special Edition of Skyrim:

  • Saints and Seducers: there will be two main quests (naturally, as this is Skyrim, these come with their own sidequests) added to the game. You will also get a bunch of new items to raise in strength even more.
  • Rare Curios: long story short, “Khajit has wares if you have coin”. Which means that Khajit merchants are on their way to supply you throughout your journey.

  • Survival Mode: if you feel that Legendary difficulty is no longer a challenge, try this mode. You will have to take caution as to what you wear, eat and whether you rest enough or not on your path to survival.
  • Fishing: Looking at all of this water in Skyrim, it is no wonder that fishing will finally be possible. Apparently, you can keep your fish in an aquarium back home. Pretty fancy of a hobby this is. 

Aside from these, the players will be given access to Creation Club with many other creations to discover.

How much will I pay when I already have Special Edition?

Is Skyrim Anniversary PC upgrade free? The answer is, sadly, no. To get the Skyrim Anniversary Edition PC, you have these options to consider:

  • You wil be able to purchase the full Anniversary Edition for around $50 / 55€ /  £48 / 250 zł. This means that you get Skyrim, along with Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn expansions and access to more than 70 creations on Creation Club.
  • If you happen to already own Skyrim Special Edition, you will need to pay only around $23 / 20€ /  £16 / 90 zł to upgrade the game!

Skyrim Anniversary Edition PC price relies on whether you bought it before or not, then. If you did, then you won’t pay too much. A newbie in the epic journey of Dragonborn will have to reach deeper in his or her pocket.

Anyway, we all know that even after 10 years from its release, Skyrim is still worth its money.

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