Steam Bash Bash 2022 Sale is now on

By Furrek
Steam Bash Bash 2022 Sale is now on
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Hack-and-slashers, spectacle fighters, and other similar games are cheap right now!

A new Steam sale is now running, featuring solely titles in which you fight hordes of enemies. You can get not only hack-and-slashers but also Musou games and other titles from similar genres.

Some sale highlights are Devil May Cry 5 for $9.89, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr for $9.99, and Hades for $14.99. These are sure top picks if you want a solid dose of fun and are truly worth their price.

However, if typical and hack-and-slash games don't have enough enemies for you to kill, take a look at Musou games. You can purchase Persona 5 Strikers for $29.99 or WARRIORS ALL-STARS for $14.99. The action never ends in these, and you will be surprised how often your entire screen gets filled with opponents!

Here you can browse through the complete list of deals.

Steam Bash Bash 2022 Sale

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