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Steam Summer Sale 2022 is live! Find cheap Steam games with

By Furrek
Steam Summer Sale 2022 is live! Find cheap Steam games with

Discover the sale's hidden gems amidst tens of thousands of discounted offers.

The highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale 2022 is up and running! As expected, the annual major mid-year event brings a massive number of discounted AAA games and acclaimed indies.

Seeing such a variety can be incredibly overwhelming. Luckily, there is a solution for you and other bargain hunters out there. Use to navigate through the extensive list of offers and cherry-pick the most noteworthy ones.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 games - our recommendations

Going through all the titles on your own will take ages, and we’re pretty sure that you’d prefer using that precious time playing them instead. ;) For your convenience, we’ve collected the best Steam Summer Sale 2022 games right below. All of these offers were handpicked by staff. The owners of Valve’s handheld will be especially thrilled, as many of the games are verified for Steam Deck or playable with only a few problems that shouldn't affect the game experience overall.

How to find the best deals in the Steam Summer Sale 2022?

Browsing through tens of thousands of offers isn't easy. Earlier in the day, we published 8 tips on how you can save money during Steam Summer Sale 2022. This tutorial should be your starting point if you want to make sure you're not paying too much.

The next step is to start exploring :) Below we included some helpful links to presets that will help you browse Steam Summer Sale 2022 with ease:

Use the filters on the Deals page to narrow your search according to your personal preferences! For example, you can explore Steam offers by genre:

We also have the option to restrict the filters by price to find only cheap Steam games during the Summer Sale if the budget is your main criterion.

Play around with our filters to create your own combinations! 

When does the Steam Summer Sale end?

Steam Summer Sale 2022 is expected to run until July 7th. That gives everybody exactly two whole weeks to scroll through tens of thousands of game offers.

And don't worry if you somehow miss some of Summer Sale's treats. Steam will back you up with another sale in a few months. We don't have any confirmed dates at this moment, but Valve will undoubtedly be hosting the Autumn sale and the Winter sale in 2022!

A massive event like this one is always met with flurries of thoughts and opinions. Share them with fellow users and us. That’s what a comment section is for. ^_^ What are your thoughts on this year’s Steam Summer Sale so far? Has anything piqued your interest yet? Are you planning on splurging or trying to be modest with your spending?

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