Steam Weeklong Deals (19 September 2022)

By Furrek
Steam Weeklong Deals (19 September 2022)
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The discounts reach up to 90%!

The weeklong Steam deals include more than 4000 games. If you don't want to miss any fantastic deals among them, use to browse through more quickly and conveniently! This week's sale highlights the exceptional titles published by Annapurna Interactive. You can buy Journey at a 50% discount, Gorogoa with a 70% discount, or The Unfinished Swan whopping 70% cheaper.

Moreover, Coffee Stain Studios' hit Satisfactory is also available at a bargain price. The game will let you explore an alien planet and conquer it with massive factories that can be fully automated! It can be yours for 40% cheaper.

You can see all weeklong Steam offers below. Make sure to apply various filters to display the games that are interesting to you! The sale will last until September 26th, 2022.

Steam Weeklong Deals (19 September 2022)

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