Steam Weeklong Deals (29 August 2022)

By Furrek
Steam Weeklong Deals (29 August 2022)
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Great discounts on over 2500 games on Steam!

This week Steam again showers us with a large number of deals on all sorts of titles. We have picked a few that are especially worthy of your attention.

Detroit: Become Human is up for grabs with a 50% discount. The masterpiece from Quantic Dream will take you to the future in which androids are introduced into the lives of humans. You have the opportunity to steer the story as you want as the game remembers your every choice and shapes the world according to your decisions. The number of possible courses of action is mind-boggling!

Other notable titles include Transistor, New World, and a first-person shooter, Terminator: Resistance. Some of these are at the lowest price ever!

You can see all this week's Steam offers below. Most of them are valid only until September 5th, 2022.

Steam Weeklong Deals (29 August 2022)

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