Steam Weeklong Deals (8 August 2022)

By Furrek
Steam Weeklong Deals (8 August 2022)
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With more than 2000 games at a discount, you are bound to find something fun to play!

Steam is bringing a new batch of offers for its weeklong sale. Until August 15th, you can pick some great games at even more excellent prices!

Titles like Disco Elysium - The Final Cut, Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition, or Unheard are up for grabs at highly reduced prices. These are must-play for everyone who wants good storytelling before anything else.

The current Steam Weeklong Sale also features Factory Town. This relaxing game will put you in charge of building and automating a giant factory. Build a complex logical system with gates and triggers, and use conveyor belts, pipes, or even trains to sell your goods to nearby villages. You can buy the game at a 50% discount.

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Steam Weeklong Deals (8 August 2022)

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