Ubisoft Store Additional Content Sale - Dozens of DLCs up to 80% off

By Furrek
Ubisoft Store Additional Content Sale - Dozens of DLCs up to 80% off
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Broaden your experience with digital content, season passes, and other expansions for Ubisoft games.

The new Ubisoft sale is now live, featuring DLCs for popular titles. You have plenty of time to see what add-ons you are missing in your Ubisoft games collection, as the offers last until August 24th, 2022.

The sale mainly focuses on various season passes. For example, a collection of new missions, outfits, vehicles, and other Watch Dogs 2 digital content is currently down to just $8.00. As you might remember, the base game was given away for free back in 2020, so why not make use of the deal and upgrade it with several hours of additional content?

Currently, a massive expansion of the latest AC title, Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Dawn of Ragnarök, is only $25.99. A bunch of downloadable content for Anno 1800 featuring new scenarios, ornaments, and other stuff is also cheap. Add new innovations to your empire's farming with Bright Harvest DLC for $3.49, or explore an arctic region by purchasing Anno 1800 - The Passage for $7.49.

You can scroll through the complete list of Ubisoft DLCs on sale below.

Ubisoft Store Additional Content Sale

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