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Buy 18+ Dreadworks for 3D Visual Novel Maker PC

WARNING: This DLC requires base game 3D Visual Novel Maker.

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DLC info

About 18+ Dreadworks for 3D Visual Novel Maker

Game description

With this 18+ Dread works DLC you will get:


6 Carousel Pod 1 Pre-set
4 Carousel Pod 2 Pre-set
7 Cuff system 1
7 Cuff system 2


Buildings Conveyor Clamp 1
Buildings Conveyor Clamp 2
Buildings Conveyor Rail Xtra
Buildings Conveyor Rail
Buildings Housing 1 Elements
Buildings Housing 1 Piping
Buildings Housing 1
Buildings Housing 2
Buildings HVAC Unit 1
Buildings Pad
Buildings Pipe Set 1
Buildings Pipe Set 2
Buildings Pipe Set 3
Carousel Base
Carousel Dildo Station
Carousel Milk Tank
Carousel Pod 1
Carousel Pod 2
Carousel Teets
Confinement Tank Assembly
Confinement Tank Computer
Confinement Tank Con 1
Confinement Tank Con 2
Confinement Tank Con 3
Confinement Tank Confinement Tank
Confinement Tank Restraints
Cuff System 1
Cuff System 2
Cuff System 3
Cuff Arm
Cuff Leg
Cuff Neck
Cuffs Arm 2
Cuffs Leg 2
Environment Camera
Environment Corridor Section
Environment Fan Unit 1
Environment Fan Unit 2
Environment Floor Pad Hood
Environment Floor Pad
Environment Lamp 1
Environment Lamp 2
Environment Platform 1
Environment Tank Set 1
Equip Machines Dildo Armature
Equip Machines Dildo Inflatable Plug
Equip Machines Dildo Machine 1
Equip Machines Dildo Plug Set
Equip Machines Dildo Station
Equip Machines Dildo
Equip Machines Gagger Station
Equip Machines Machine 1
Equip Machines Teets
Equip Machines Wash Brush
Equip Machines Wash Sprayer
Holders Crawler
Holders Machine Base 1
Holders Machine Base 2
Holders Machine Base 3
Rack 01
Rack 02
Rack 03
Restraint Machine 01 Base
Restraint Machine 01
Restraint Machine 02
Restraint Machine 03
Restraint 01
Restraint 02
Robot Arm 01
Robot Arm 02
Robot Arm 03
Robot Arm 04
Robot Arm 05
Robot Arm Combo Tool 1
Robot Arm Combo Tool 2
Robot Arm Combo Tool 3
Robot Arm Combo Tool 4
Robot Arm Combo Tool 5
Robot Arm Combo Tool 6
Robot Arm Combo Tool 67
Robot Arm Combo Tool 67a
Robot Arm Combo Tool 7
Robot Arm Combo Tool 7a
Robot Arm Tool 6
Robot Arm Tool 7
Stage Assembly Stage Assembly
Stage Assembly Stage Base
Stage Assembly Stage Railing
Stage Assembly Stage Ramp
Stage Props Panel 2
Stage Props Panel 3
Stage Props Panel 4
Tables 01
Tables 02
Tables 03
Tables Combo Tool 1
Tables Combo Tool 2
Tables Combo Tool 3
Tables Tool 1
Tables Tool 2
Tables Tool 3
Tank 01
Tank 02
Tank 03
Tank 04
Tank Oxygen Mask
Tank Xtra Pipe 1
Tool Station Blade
Tool Station Dildo
Tool Station Scanner
Tool Station Syringe
Tool Station Tool Station
Tool Station Vacuum

All content of this DLC will be available directly from the game, in the main menu with scenes and in menu where you are making settings of the character.

Please note that content of this DLC will be updating. After buying the DLC you will get all updates for free.

System requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or later (64-BIT Required!!!) It is not working on 32-BIT systems!
  • Processor: Intel 2 GHz processor like i5 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible video card with at least 4GB VRAM like GTX 970
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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