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Buy AION Free-to-Play: Large Starter Pack PC


This DLC requires base game AION MMO.

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Release date

21 Nov 2016



About AION Free-to-Play: Large Starter Pack

Game description

How do I redeem DLC in the game? After purchasing a DLC pack, you will be shown a Steam product key. Log into AION Free-to-Play, visit the AION Shop and then go to 'Get AION Coins'. Click on 'Redeem Coupon' in the window that appears and enter your product key. You will now find the contents of the DLC in the AION Shop under 'Manage bonuses => Exclusive rewards', where you can transfer them to one of your characters. AION Free-to-Play: Large Starter Pack Many adventures lie ahead of you. But be on your guard as there are countless threats lurking in the world of AION Free-to-Play. The items in this bundle will be of use on your travels and will support you on your way to becoming a legend. Remember: a hero is only as good as their equipment! Some of the possible items cannot be sold, are not tradeable and not storeable. 2x [AION Club] Gold Pack (30 days) A Gold Pack that cannot be traded which lifts all restrictions. Lasts for 30 days. 3x [Jakunerk] Verdin's Noble Amulet III For the length of time that Verdin's Noble Amulet III holds, you receive 100% additional XP for gathering, crafting and for hunting creatures. The effects last one hour and the cooldown is also one hour. 50x [Jakunerk] Box: Insignia of Honour A box containing Insignias of Honour. 300x [Jakunerk] Nutritious Meal These serums strengthen you in energy-sapping battles by regenerating your HP and MP. 10x Recovery Tea - 100% recovery Refreshing and tasty: this tea fully regenerates your Energy of Repose, helping you to earn more experience points. 25x [Jakunerk] Bag of Powerful Scrolls Off into the adventure! This bundle contains 5 x 3 major scrolls, which will increase some of your values for a short time. Your character class determines which scrolls are in the bag.

System requirements

Requirements for this DLC are unavailable.

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