ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass

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The ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass gives you access to three huge expansion packs:

ARK: Scorched Earth (available now):
ARK: Aberration (available now):
ARK: Extinction (arriving November 6):

Owners of ARK's "Season Pass" also get additional exclusive in-game Expansion-themed cosmetic item skins, including these ones granted immediately:

- The Bulbdog Mask, representing the cheery demeanor of this loyal ward against the Nameless.

- The Reaper Helmet, depicting the frightening visage of these dangerous behemoths that roam the Element-infused depths and irradiated surface of Aberration.

- The Aberration Helmet, formed from the damaged ARK's obsidian-like underground rock, creates an imposing presence for Survivors who wear it.

- The Aberration Sword, forged from the Element Crystals that run within the deepest chambers of the ARK, emits a subtle glow to strike fear into your enemies.

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