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Buy Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies - Teddy Nightmare (30 Days) PC


This DLC requires base game Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.

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About Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies - Teddy Nightmare (30 Days)

Game description

Dear Survivors, We have been walking side by side on a road of adventure and we have been fighting many battles against countless enemies. Now it is time to take a jump into a whole new concept of zombie threats. Sounds like another bad dream? You are not far from correct, as its name is ‘Teddy Nightmare’. Hello, Survivors! We haven’t met before... This suspiciously-huggable Teddy awaits to be challenged by survivors who purchase the key in the Teddy Nightmare DLC package. In the available DLC packages, there is a key allowing you to open gates of Teddy Nightmare mode, plus a unique Mileage Decoder Supply Box. You can freely select a 15 or 30 day DLC version of this set. The Mileage Decoder Supply Box will give its owner 1x Mileage Decoder every day, upon logging into the game. You can continue to use it for 15 days or 30 days, depending on which pack you have chosen and accumulate Mileage Decoders. Only Teddy Nightmare mode key holders can create Teddy Nightmare mode rooms, but any other survivor can join the challenge without the need of the key. The room creator and other players have an equal chance of getting one of the great items below after defeating the horrific but fluffy bear boss. 2,000/5,000/10,000 GP (One of the point items will be given randomly to the players as a result.) Special Enhancement Materials Enhancement Materials for your Weapon Enhancement. You can enhance your weapon to its Enhancement Attributes Value up to 8 by using this material. (10/50/100 items will be given to the players as a result.) Crafting Recipe – Lucky Craftsman This item is useful to boost the chances of success in manufacturing, especially for lower-tier combat blueprints. Crafting Recipe – Recycling This item is used when manufacturing a weapon. It can return the weapon recipe or durability item if it fails to manufacture. Mileage Decoder The famous Mileage Decoder. You will receive 3x Mileage Decoders if you draw this reward after the match. Please do not disappoint yourself even if your score wasn’t good enough to get this reward. 100% Advanced Enhancement Kit If you use these kits to enhance your weapon, you will have a 100% successful chance on enhancing that attribute by 1 level. (Random parts will be given as a result.) Anti-Enhancement Material Anti-Enhancement Material is used to reset your Weapon's Enhancement Attributes value. By using this, the specific stats will be reverted to 0, regardless of status. (Random parts will be given as a result.) Keep in mind that like any dream, it will come to an end. Do not miss this opportunity! Let’s have a fun fight with our new DLC challenge and get a chance to grab multiple rewards! See you in your nightmare!

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