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This DLC requires base game Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition.

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Release date

18 Aug 2020


Kraken Unleashed

About Crossroads Inn - Bath & Beauty

Game description

We know, we know... You’re most probably already used to the dust, dirt and all the filth your guests bring with them. It is just the way it is, you can’t keep a Tavern clean all the time with the hordes of travelers, plebs and bloody heroes who can kill dragons, but not brush their teeth or wipe their own butts. But, nevertheless, you and your crew struggle every day to keep the place in resonably decent shape. Without that effort, it wouldn’t be an Inn anymore but rather plain sewage.

With Bath & Beauty DLC it is time to move to the next level and make your Inn a clean and fragrant tabernacle! Time to make the place more comfortable and hygiene friendly. From now on you’ll find a wide range of new tools and solutions to keep your Inn clean:

- Washbasins and regular sinks
- Indoor Chalets (yes, you don’t have to go outside anymore!)
- Fancy new Baths and Tubes for the convenience of your more sophisticated guests
- A rich set of elegant leather furniture on which guests can relax
- New screens guaranteeing privacy for guests while they undress
- Elaborate mosaics and tiles with which you can decorate your jazzy Inn

System requirements

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