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This DLC requires base game Dominion.

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About Dominion - Cornucopia

Game description

Cornucopia is the fifth expansion to Dominion. It adds thirteen new Kingdom cards to Dominion, plus five unique cards. The central theme is variety; there are cards that reward you for having a variety of cards in your deck, in your hand, and in play, as well cards that help you get that variety.

Autumn. It seemed like the summer would never end, but that fortune teller was right. It’s over. Autumn, the time of the harvest. Agriculture has advanced significantly in recent years, ever since the discovery of the maxim, “leaves of three, let it be.” Autumn, a time of celebration. The peasants have spent a hard week scything hay in the fields, but tonight the festivities begin, starting with a sumptuous banquet of roast hay. Then, the annual nose-stealing competition. Then you have two jesters, one who always lies, one who always tells the truth, both hilariously. This celebration will truly have something for everyone.


This set introduces for the first time some special cards that live outside the Supply. The only way to gain these is through the use of particular cards. For example, in this expansion, Prizes are cards that can only be gained through playing Tournaments. This theme has been revisited several times in subsequent expansions such as Dark Ages, Adventures, Nocturne, and Menagerie.

Cornucopia is all about variety which can combo well with engine building

  • Farming Village: A cantrip action card like village, which finds a Treasure or Action
  • Hamlet: A versatile inexpensive card that can be a cantrip
  • Horn of Plenty: A card with megaturn potential
  • Hunting Party: Combos well with one other card
  • Menagerie: A flavorful cantrip that foils handsize attacks
  • Tournament: A cantrip and engine for drafting prizes.

Megaturn potential is what gives this set its sense of being swingy, offering variance of pace between consecutive games.

Because Tournament prizes are so powerful, winning one tournament can lead to winning the next. Gunning for Provinces can be important to make sure opponents don't run away with a lead.


  • 5 cards care about variety: Menagerie, Harvest, Horn of Plenty, Hunting Party, Fairgrounds
  • 4 cards provide variety: Remake, Tournament, Young Witch, Jester
  • 4 cards are off-theme: Hamlet, Fortune Teller, Farming Village, Horse Traders

Digital Optimizations and Custom Settings

  • Tournament - You can opt to automatically reveal a Province
  • Young Witch- You can opt to automatically reveal a Bane

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

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