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This DLC requires base game Dominion.

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About Dominion - Intrigue

Game description

Intrigue is the first expansion to Dominion. It includes twenty-six new Kingdom cards. There are victory cards that do things for you, underlings that give you a choice as to what they do, and a variety of other cards.

Something’s afoot. The steward smiles at you like he has a secret, or like he thinks you have a secret, or like you think he thinks you have a secret. There are secret plots brewing, you’re sure of it. At the very least, there are yours. A passing servant murmurs, “The eggs are on the plate.” You frantically search your code book for the translation before realizing he means that breakfast is ready. Excellent. Everything is going according to plan.

This is the second edition of Intrigue. Compared to the first edition of Intrigue, six cards were replaced and one added. This expansion includes 6 player support.

Themed Content

  • 10 Major choice cards: Pawn, Masquerade, Steward, Swindler, Wishing Well, Baron, Mining Village, Minion, Torturer, Nobles
  • 7 Minor choice cards: Courtyard, Secret Chamber (Passage), Ironworks, Scout (Patrol), Saboteur (Replace), Trading Post, Upgrade
  • 4 Victory cards: Great Hall (Mill), Duke, Harem, Nobles
  • 5 Cards interacting with Victory cards: Baron, Ironworks, Scout (Patrol), Duke, Tribute (Replace)
  • 4 Off-theme cards: Shanty Town, Bridge, Conspirator, Coppersmith


Intrigue expanded on the Base game in two distinct ways. It introduced choices. Some cards include options for the player, which offer versatility, for example both in early and late game. It also introduced Victory cards with more than one type, with functional effects beyond scoring. The mechanics introduced by these cards have been layered through later sets, expanding the basic vocabulary of what the game is. Because intrigue introduces more Victory cards than any other expansion, Victory cards are a defining feature of this set.

Intrigue has also pushed toward more advanced strategies, such as deck-tracking with the card Wishing Well. Cards like Swindler reward keeping close tabs on your opponents' strategies. By knowing what card is least suited to add to their decks, a discerning player can foil a foe better than one who is solely focused on their own deck. This deck also introduced cards such as Coppersmith and Conspirator, which shine in custom decks full of otherwise undesirable cards. These cards offer a tactical way to explore Dominion.

Digital Optimizations and Custom Settings

  • Torturer - You can opt to automatically take a Curse if the Curse pile is empty

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

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