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This DLC requires base game Dungeon Defenders II.

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Release date

23 Nov 2016


Trendy Entertainment

About Dungeon Defenders II - Year One Hero Pack

Game description

Unlock all six heroes that were released in 2016! The Abyss Lord Ruthlessly betrayed and murdered by the Harbinger, the Abyss Lord rises from the Depths of the underworld. Vowing to destroy all who may invade Etheria, he summons the skeletal remains of the Old Ones’ army and the ethereal spirits of fallen Knights to do his bidding. An active defender, he dominates the battlefield, responding to threats and ordering his defenses to obliterate enemies. Series EV2 Series EV2 is a self-aware robot tasked with protecting the Sky City. With a machine-like intensity, EV2 constantly modified herself and upgraded her defense systems. Her feature set includes servo-reductive protonic engines, prismatic-shielding, hi-definition laser optics, and Mana-infused alloy plating. Series EV2 has pushed herself far beyond her original limitations. The Gunwitch The Gunwitch gleefully races to the defense of Etheria on the back of her magical Gun Broom. Made from witchcraft, curiosity, and a touch of gunpowder, the Gun Witch cleans up the battlefield zipping from ground to sky, blasting her foes with magical properties, wicked spells and mysterious hexes. The Lavamancer The Lavamancer carries with him the undying Flame of Embermount, a fiery energy source from which he draws the power to manipulate earth and magma. He creates volcanoes, oil geysers, and towers of stone to debilitate and burn his adversaries. The Lavamancer is a powerful melee fighter who exemplifies ferocity and explosiveness blended with the power of a volcano! The Mystic The Mystic possesses great power from her dark master. Instead of using mana, she must appease the Serpent God by sacrificing the souls of fallen enemies to gain powerful buffs that can increase her stats, heal her on hit, and reduce her cooldowns. When fully appeased, the Serpent God appears around her and her Obelisk unleashing devastating power. Her appeasement decreases over time and when any of her defenses are destroyed. The Dryad The Dryad is a physical manifestation of the will of Terraria itself. With the wisdom of untold ages, she takes up arms to protect and defend her home against evil and corruption. Her World Tree is an anchor for all of her ferocious defenses.

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