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This DLC requires base game Football Drama.

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About Football Drama - Soundtrack

Game description

Football Drama's Official Soundtrack by Ascari.

Marta Ascari: piano, synth, vocals.
Gianluca Cucco: trumpet, flugelhorn.
Vincenzo Matozza: drums.
Federico Buffagni: flute.
Enrico Dolcetto: bass (in "They had nothing on me").
Elisa Garbo: guitar (in "They had nothing on me").

01) Football Drama O.S.T._Main Theme_(Opening Cut Scene)
02) Football Drama O.S.T._Esoteric Theme_(Piano Solo)
03) Football Drama O.S.T._Funny Theme_(Jazzy and Dark)
04) Football Drama O.S.T._Main Theme_(Action Movie 70's)
05) Football Drama O.S.T._Romantic Theme_(Piano and Synth)
06) Football Drama O.S.T._Elevator Music_(Jazzy jungle)
07) Football Drama O.S.T._Stadium Theme
08) Football Drama O.S.T._Esoteric Theme_(Flutes)
09) Football Drama O.S.T._Romantic Theme_(Piano and Flugelhorn)
10) Football Drama O.S.T._Main Theme_(Jazzy and Fast)
11) Football Drama O.S.T._Funny Theme_(Jazzy and Sunny)
12) Football Drama O.S.T._Splatter Theme
13) Football Drama O.S.T._Stadium Theme_(reprise)
14) Football Drama O.S.T._Elevator Music_(Trip Hop)
15) Football Drama O.S.T._Silvio Luciano Poggi Theme
16) Football Drama O.S.T._Funny Theme_(Hypnosis)
17) Football Drama O.S.T._Main Theme_(Jazzy and Fast - reprise)
18) Football Drama O.S.T._Romantic Theme_(Piano and Trumpet)
19) Football Drama O.S.T._Main Theme_(Creepy Main Menu Music)
20) Football Drama O.S.T._Splatter Theme_(reprise)
21) Football Drama O.S.T._Elevator Music_(Obsessive)
22) Football Drama O.S.T._Esoteric Theme_(Flutes and Synth)
23) Football Drama O.S.T._Main Theme_(Ghost Chords and a Drop)
24) Football Drama O.S.T._Funny Theme_(Hypnosis - reprise)
25) Football Drama O.S.T._Romantic Theme_(Piano, Flugelhorn, Trumpet and Synth)
26) Football Drama O.S.T._Main Theme_(Latin)
27) Football Drama O.S.T._Esoteric Theme_(Piano and Synth)
28) Football Drama O.S.T._They had nothing on me

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.9 or later

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