Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons
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This DLC requires base game Guild Wars 2.

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Release date

28 Feb 2022




About Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Game description

The Cycle Is Reborn

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third expansion for the award-winning and critically acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars 2. The dragon cycle that has sustained and blighted Tyria for ages is collapsing. Mortal hearts and choices will define this moment in history—and echo in the future forever.

The Canthan Continent

Over two centuries ago, the Empire of the Dragon severed all bonds with central Tyria and Elona. Cantha has its own history of turmoil and triumph, reflected in ancient landmarks, enduring artistry, and modern life.

Elite Specializations

Canthan scholars, adventurers, and soldiers have developed unique disciplines for each of the nine professions. Some traditions were refined over centuries, and others are adapted to recent technology and a changing world. Combat specialists from Cantha and abroad will find prime opportunities to swap tales and share knowledge.

New Mount: Siege Turtle

The Luxon Armada’s descendants have raised and trained these massive turtles for over two hundred years. Each mount can bear two riders: one to handle the turtle, and another to operate the weapons strapped to its shell. Raise your own walking war machine and take a friend out for combat adventures!


Your personal skiff is your home away from home on the waves. Explore, relax, and ferry your whole party! Drop anchor to fish, walk around, and more.


Tyria is home to over two hundred unique species of fish, and they can’t escape you anymore. Take your skiff and rod or kick back on shore to reel in ingredients for delicious local cuisine. Your next big catch could be the key to victory in fishing events.

The Science of Dragon Magic

The Jade Wind petrified everything it touched, devastating the southeastern coastal regions. A stone sea holds no food—but it’s absorbed centuries of magic. Canthan innovators have long sought practical applications for the material now known as “dragonjade,” achieving solutions undreamed of elsewhere in the world. New innovations are on the horizon…

Standard Edition includes:

  • Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons
    A game serial code for account creation or upgrade for the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion.
  • Flame Serpent Weapon Chest
    Select your favorite from this collection of exquisite weapon skins.
  • Shing Jea Mosaic Cape
    Add this cape skin to your back item to drape yourself in Canthan fashion.
  • Prodigy of Shing Jea Title
    Show everyone you’re ahead of the class.
  • Shared Inventory Slot
    Use this item to add a special inventory slot to your bag which can be accessed by every character on your account.
  • Max Level Boost
    Boost one of your characters to level 80 and explore the Living World of Tyria! The boost is delivered in a permanent Shared Inventory Slot, and we’ll equip your character with a trove of goods, including gear, gold, and more.

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