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This DLC requires base game Seduce Me the Otome.

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Release date

01 Aug 2015


Michaela Laws



About "Just Another Day" - Seduce Me Otome CD

Game description

Seduce Me the Otome Audiodrama CD, "Just Another Day"!!

"What would have happened if you let the boys stay and you couldn't decide which boy to like? Well, a few months after Malix is defeated, you find out!"

This is an audiodrama CD made just so you can bring the boys with you where-ever you go via your music player! They are designed after Japanese Boyfriend CDs where you listen and immerse yourself into an audio world with your love interest talking to you, serenading you, or even KISSING YOU!!

This include 15 tracks of incubi goodness, a blooper track, and 5 behind the voices tracks with all 5 of the incubi! (21 tracks in all!!!) The 15 tracks will also be STEREO MIXED, so you will be able to enjoy the 'presence' of the incubi's voices AS IF THEY WERE SITTING NEXT TO YOU (So make sure to wear headphones~ ;3)

"How much?!"

Five. Dollars. That's it! Only $5 and you can get all of the awesome tracks listed above!!

Are you excited yet?


1. Up And At’em (SAM)
2. Morning Stroll (DAMIEN)
3. Adventures with Matthew! (MATTHEW)
4. Taking Initiative (ERIK)
5. Caring For Flowers (JAMES)
6. A Little Too Hot (MATTHEW)
7. Language Lesson (ERIK)
8. Uncertainty (DAMIEN)
9. Simple Pleasures (JAMES)
10. It Was An Accident! (SAM)
11. The Perfect Gentleman (JAMES)
12. Willing To Wait (ERIK)
13. Shut Up And Kiss Me (SAM)
14. Can I, Please? (MATTHEW)
15. Yours (DAMIEN)
16. BTS Bradley
17. BTS Christopher
18. BTS Alejandro
19. BTS Ethan
20. BTS Jonah

System requirements

  • OS: Whatever you have should be fine...
  • Processor: A decent one.
  • Graphics: None needed. All Audio...
  • OS: Whatever you have should be fine...
  • OS: Whatever you have should be fine...

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