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This DLC requires base game Kokurase Episode 1.

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DLC info

Release date

12 Dec 2016


Vaka Game Magazine, galanti

About Kokurase Episode 3

Game description

"Tama here, Kokurase's trustworthy tipster, to fill you in on the events of the last episode. I'm going to be dropping some minor spoilers so make sure you play the last episode first before reading ahead!

The Kokurase team received an assignment from a honors student with a serious case of the giggles, named Kotarou Hino. He's got his heart set on Madoka Asagaya, a popular girl from the honors class. Right as Kokurase got to work, they found out about Musashi Tachikawa, Madoka's childhood friend from the normal class, and potential rival in love!

Genji Akiba, Kokurase's leader, began formulating a plan to bring Kotarou and Madoka closer together. It involved making them both school festival committee members. As they worked hard on the festival prep, it looked as if they were growing closer together... but then things started to get interesting!

The Thin Red Liners (TRL) are a sister duo who absolutely hate Kokurase! And due to their evil machinations, Kotarou and Madoka slowly began to grow apart and Genji started to panic. Kokurase's really in a tight spot here! Just how will this all end? Whatever happens, it's sure to be exciting!"


  • A Visual Novel in RPGmaker
  • Beautiful art by an illustrator Doromizu
  • Full of humor
  • Cast of quirky protagonists
  • Take control of multiple characters to advance the plot
  • Use Key Phrases to progress conversations
  • Explore a High School campus
  • Speech Puzzles
  • Teenage, Highschooler angst

Episode 1 is free to play

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

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