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Release date

02 Nov 2010


Danger Close Games



About Medal of Honor - Hot Zone Map Pack

Game description

Are you ready to enter the Hot Zone? The Hot Zone Map Pack is a popular download for Medal of Honor, the landmark first-person shooter. Hot Zone features the classic gameplay of Medal of Honor and adds a brand-new mode of play, two new original maps, and two redesigned maps — all available for the PC. The intense challenge that Medal of Honor fans crave is more lethal than ever in the all-new “King of the Hill” style of play. The action is lethal with the Medal of Honor: Hot Zone Map Pack for the PC. Two teams battle for control of a designated area. Once control is gained, however, the bigger challenge is yet to come… maintaining it! The longer your team holds the objective, the more points you gain, but the only way to score is to take command of your territory, and fight with everything you’ve got to keep it. The Medal of Honor: Hot Zone Map Pack features two new hostile battle zones, the Hindukush Pass and Korengal Outpost, referred to as “The Valley of Death” by American soldiers. Explore maps for the Helmand Valley and Shahikot Valley to experience a fresh take on familiar terrain that you can’t afford to miss.

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