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Buy Orcs Must Die! Unchained - Ultimate Pack PC


This DLC requires base game Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

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Release date

29 Mar 2016


Robot Entertainment

About Orcs Must Die! Unchained - Ultimate Pack

Game description

It’s all-out war for the rifts, and you don’t like choosing sides. Get a huge discount on 5 heroes from both the Unchained and the Order in this ultimate pack. You’ll also get a Guardian, a Boss, a whole satchel of potions and scrolls, the Ring of Last Stand, and a nice pile of gold to keep your collection growing. This content requires the base game Orcs Must Die! Unchained on Steam in order to play. This bundle includes:Heroes Ivy – Ready for any fight, Ivy deals ranged damage and roots enemies to keep them in range. She is also able to heal her allies. Midnight – Midnight is a high-damage dealing hero who is adept at avoiding detection. She sets snares for her enemies and often pops up where she is least expected. Dobbin – Dobbin's small stature helps him avoid large enemies and dig quickly into the earth. He also helps his allies with map shortcuts and explosives. Cygnus – A well-balanced hero, Cygnus uses lightning to deal ranged damage but also shield himself. He uses the power of rifts to his advantage. Oziel – Oziel is a powerful magic user that steals the souls of his enemies, gaining strength as more of them fall. He also haunts and curses enemies.Consumables Potion of Health (x5) – Restores full health, usable five times each. Rage Potion (x5) – +50% damage for 10s, usable five times each. Scroll of the Unchained (x5) – Fills and activates the team’s Unchained Meters. Scroll of the Resurrection (x5) – Instantly resurrects all dead allied heroes.Much More! Keystone (x5) – Unlock special Endless battlegrounds in PvE Survival Mode. 5,750 Gold – $20 worth of gold to get your collection started from the in-game store. Ring of Last Stand – When activated, the hero becomes immune to all damage for a short time. When the immunity wears off, the hero suffers a debuff that reduces all armor types. Vitality (Boss) – A cyclops inspired by his Shaman, Stinkeye, who has learned the secrets of resurrection. On the battlefield, Vitality bravely resurrects fallen heroes. Sun Guardian – The Sun Guardian stands tall, protecting his allies’ rift from danger. When placed on the map, guardians hold their positions and defend against enemy attacks. They also heal nearby allied heroes. Fire Wall Bracers – Creates a wall of fire that ignites enemies who walk through it.

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