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This DLC requires base game RIFT.

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Release date

10 Mar 2016


Trion Worlds

About RIFT: Nightmare Tide Pack

Game description

Grow as an Ascended thanks to 4 strange Souls and the power of the Plane of Water! Increase your core stats by unlocking two earring slots, carry more gear with an extra bag slot, unlock your own nightmare dimension, and more!Cleric - Oracle Soul (Support) Bestow powerful blessings on your allies and place deadly curses on your foes!Mage - Arbiter Soul (Tank/Support) Use the power of ice and storms to protect yourself while harrying foes!Rogue - Physician Soul (Healer) Create alchemical concoctions to keep your allies in the fight!Warrior - Liberator Soul (Healer) Keep your allies standing beside you with protective shields and curative magic!2 Additional Equipment Slots (Earrings) Get stronger – and look good doing it! Unlocks 2 earring slots.Planewalker: Water (Gear Unlock) Attune your characters to the Plane of Water and get access to powerful and stylish gear.Exclusive Nightmare Tide Bag Slot Never run out of room for loot again, thanks to an extra bag slot.Dimension: Shadow Scion Unlock a terrifying, twisted, and nightmarish replica of Port Scion to explore.Bloop the Jellyfish Companion Pet Don't get stuck exploring the Plane of Water alone! Let Bloop the Jellyfish show you the way.Nightmare Cosmetic Weapons Transfigure your weapons to adopt some Plane of Water style.Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye Never run out of black again, thanks to this reusable Nightmare Black dye.

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