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This DLC requires base game RIFT.

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Release date

10 Mar 2016


Trion Worlds

About RIFT: Planetouched Wilds Pack

Game description

Prepare for a walk on the wild side! The Planetouched Wilds Pack includes the Primalist Calling, War Beast Mount, and more. Unleash the powers of Fury and Cunning as you stalk fresh prey across Telara.Primalist Calling (Includes 6 Souls; Tank, DPS, and Heal) Unlock the Primalist Calling, as well 6 Souls. Tame the savage Planetouched Wilds with Cunning, Fury, and a massive weapon.Primal War Beast Mount Make your enemies extinct by riding this massive, horned dinosaur into battle.Primalist's Ovog Ceremonial Garb It might be a bit breezy, but this ceremonial garb will help you fit into the Planetouched Wilds.Khar Warfront Announcer Get a little extra color in your Warfront commentary thanks to King Khar's... unique style.Zendi Pet & Minion Card A beautiful pet and minion, straight from the Planetouched Wilds. Try not to let it lay eggs in your hair.Cloak of the Great Wheel Add this classy cloak to your wardrobe.Primalist Portrait Frame Show your love for the Planetouched Wilds with this stylized, golden character portrait.Ascended Primal Trinket The perfect Trinket from 1-60! Scales to match your current level.+1 Character Slot (Max 13) Unlock a slot for an additional character. Maybe a Primalist?

System requirements

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