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This DLC requires base game RIFT.

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Release date

10 Mar 2016


Trion Worlds

About RIFT: Ultimate RIFT Edition

Game description

Contains 8 Souls (2 each for Cleric, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior Callings), the Primalist Calling (with 6 Souls), costumes, mounts, pets, 30 days of Patron status, and much, much more!Storm Legion Pack Unlock the full contents of the Storm Legion Pack.Nightmare Tide Pack Unlock the full contents of the Nightmare Tide Pack.Planetouched Wilds Pack Unlock the full contents of the Planetouched Wilds Pack.Cobalt Thresher Mount (usable on land and in water) Mountains? Beach? Why choose? Mount up and take this land-sea shark wherever you want to go!Additional Bank Vault Slot An additional storage slot for all characters on your account. Think of the possibilities.Additional Minion Slot (Max 6) Unlock an additional Minion slot (max 6) for all your characters.Manugo League Membership The cryptic Manugo League offers riches to its most respected members. Reap the rewards of membership.Planewalker's Call Summon an entire group of Ascended friends to your side with this handy ability!Nightmare Portrait Frame Show your affinity for the Plane of Water thanks to this abyssal portrait frame.30 Days of Patron Status Get 30 days of bonus XP, faster mounts, weekly Supply Crates, extra currency, and more!

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Requirements for this DLC are unavailable.

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